Specifically for Your Body

Stress Relief Detox Mud Wrap -- 75 min | $200

A body treatment unlike any other. Encourages profound purification of the tissues using an innovative massage-mud with thermal water from the Bagni Di Pisa (hot springs) in Tuscany. Stimulating cellular vitality. Additional massage time 15 or 30 min | $40, $80

Hydrating Shea Butter Wrap -- 75 min | $200

For anyone needing to deeply relax their mind, body and soul, this intoxicating wrap includes an indulgent blend of essential oils that stimulates a deep sense of well-being while providing profound nourishment and improved circulation. Additional massage time 15 or 30 min | $40, $80

Detoxifying & Energizing Body Renewal Salt Scrub -- 60 min | $165

Using the ionizing properties of Himalayan salt crystals, this Body Renewal is the ideal treatment for cellulite, stress and exhaustion. On a physical level, it results in a rapid elimination of tension and increased warmth and energy in the body, stimulates circulation and toxin elimination, and reduces cellulite and brightens skin. On a subtle level, it cleanses and strengthens the bioenergy fields, leaving mind, body and spirits uplifted. Additional massage time 15 or 30 min | $40, $80

Lavender Relaxing and Calming Body Sugar Scrub -- 60 min | $165

Perfect to put you in a state of total relaxation, the intoxicating and relaxing aromas of lavender will exfoliate your body, leaving your skin soft and hydrated and your mind and body relaxed and calm. Additional massage time 15 or 30 min | $40, $80

Thermogenic Action for Cellulite -- 60 min | $165

An intensive treatment with thermogenic action, for profound and resistant cellulite imperfections. Helps reduce the typical signs of cellulite, improves the micro-circulation and promotes remodeling of the body. Additional massage time 15 or 30 min | $40, $80

New Mom Firming Body Mask -- 60 min | $165

A sensational cocooning experience and the perfect body treatment for dry and depleted skin. Bestowing perfect tone, elasticity and restoring moisture balance to the skin, leaving it soft, silky and compact. Perfect replenishing treatment for all skin types – and ideal for moms to be. Additional massage time 15 min | $40

Leg + Foot Recovery -- 30 min | $95

Treat and heal your feet and lower legs to restore lightness, improve circulation and reduce swelling and fatigue.

Invigorating Scalp Massage -- 30 min | $95

Get reinvigorated with an intense scalp massage to put you in a total state of relaxation.