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WellYOU Webinar Series


Learn easy tips to incorporate fruits, vegetables, herbs, and botanicals that support calm, cellular detoxification, and clarity.

Practical Personal Resiliency | Julie Bach

Integrative Therapist and Educator in Cancer, Founder of Wellness for Cancer

In this session you will discover easy to use and proven evidence-based techniques that can be used anywhere and at any time to reduce stress, fatigue, depression and anxiety. Learn how to keep your battery full so that you can be calm, have increased mental clarity, and reduce emotional swings.

Immunology: From the Inside Out - Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu

Have you ever thought about your immune system and your skin health?  Join us to listen to Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu share insight about our inner health impacting our largest organ – our skin.

Dedicate 30 Minutes to Your Mental Health - Ashish Pandya

Ashish Pandya, Co-Founder & Vice President at Shankara Inc., walks us through time tested ways to achieve a happier mental state of mind.

"It's a gut feeling" - Sleep Guru, Robert Michael deStefano

Robert deStefano, Managing Director at Longeva | Wellness-Driven, reveals the secret to unlocking the abdominal region, our 'second brain', to release tension, optimize energetic flow, digestion, breathing and enhance sleep.